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Toad plugin for SSMS

Please can some show me how to install toad plugin for ssms?

I dont want to install the full toad software we just want to install the plugin

Here's an excerpt from Toad's Installation Guide, located here:

Install and Uninstall Toad Plug-In

Launch SsmsInstallation.exe from the Windows command prompt as administrator.

  1. Open SSMS Installation directory (/ SSMS Installation) from the
    Windows command prompt.

  2. Enter the following:
    SsmsInstallation.exe [Type of Product/Mode] "[TSS Installation Directory]"
    [Type of Product/Mode] can be Uninstall, Freeware, Beta, Commercial, Trial
    [TSS Installation Directory] is the directory where Toad for SQL Server resides.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest Software\Toad for SQL Server 7.2\SSMS
Installation\SsmsInstallation.exe Commercial "C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest
Software\Toad for SQL Server 7.2"

Im confused. is this installing the entire Toad for sql server 7.2 or just the plugin ?
what we are having trouble with is to install just the plugin for SSMS. I see people showcasing on youtube but they dont show how they installed only the plugin .

SsmsInstallation.exe is the key here.... this is a separate install executable that comes with the Toad product. This is assuming that you have installed Toad for SQL Server already. Then, with SSMSinstallation.exe, a Toad kernel engine can be plugged into your SSMS. Check the Install Guide for more info.

ok. i have already install toad for sql. where will the executable located. c

See Step 1 and the example given previously... e.g.
< your Toad Install Dir >\SSMS Installation\SsmsInstallation.exe


You can use option page in Toad Options