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Unable to remove Toad Integration from SQL Server 2014 Management Studio

When installing Toad 6.8 I checked the box that integrated Toad into SQL Server Management Studio. When I launched management studio it gave me an error (something about unable to load the add-in). Now, whenever I right-click on any node in management studio I get this pop-up:

Cannot set unknown Member
'{clr-namespace;Quest.Toad.SSMSAddin.Menus;assembly=Dell.ToadSSMSAddinCore, Version, Culture=Neutral, PublicKeyToken=…}ToadCommandMenuItem.CommandId

At this point I just want SQL Server management studio back to how it was so I can right-click on nodes.

I’ve completely uninstalled Toad 6.8 but the issue remains.

Please help

I figured it out myself. For anyone unable to get rid of the Toad integrations in SQL Server 2014 Management Studio. Just delete all the Toad files in this folder:


Hi epear,

Thanks for your sharing.

In v6.8.1, we will have new options, Tool-options-SMSS Plugin, to install and uninstall SMSS Plugin.


Hi Michael,

when do you plan to release version 6.8.1 of TOAD SS ?

I stay tune for your answer,

Best regards,



I have the same problem. The folder under C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\MSEnvShared\AddIns is empty. Is there any other place, where the files have to be deleted?

I can’t work with SSMS properly and this is really annoying.

Best regards,

Sergio & Frank

Toad TSS v6.8.1 shoud be GA and send out this week.

it shoud be fix your problem with SMSS Plugin install and uninstall.


Hi Michael,

many thank’s for the answer.

Best regards,