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Toad replace text macro keyboard shortcuts

Is there any way to assign a keyboard shortcut to replace text macros that we define? Or could this functionality be added? I've created many of these macros and use them all the time whilst developing code, but it's a pain having to keep switching from keyboard to do a few mouse clicks to trigger them - especially given how flexible TOAD is in configuration and shortcut mapping for other things.

I can see this being a nice-to-have enhancement request. Although Toad allows keyboard shortcuts to be assigned to regular Macro Playback (and start/stop/cancel macro recordings) these are different from (text) replace macros.

Have you thought about creating (regular) macros that invoke one or more of your text replace macros? This would be especially useful if you execute your replace macros in series or in combination with other activities.

Otherwise, Quest Dev team, please note, if we don't already have this in the product backlog.

Hi Paul, good idea. I've logged this. Are you looking to assign a shortcut to a specific macro or have a shortcut for pulling up a macro chooser that supports filtering, sorting, etc.?

Thanks for your replies, sorry I haven't got back sooner!

I did think about it, I suppose it is a solution, but creating a macro just to be able to run a text replace macro seemed a bit overkill - well to me anyway!

I was thinking having the ability to assign a shortcut to a specific macro, so that I can quickly execute a macro with a key press.