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toad reports with bind variables


Is it possible for toad reports to have the look and feel of a report with a text field available so that the user can enter parameters or bind variables?


Yes. Toad reports can use bind variables. Just start out in an editor or Query builder with a query that uses bind vars. When you execute the bind var window will come up and you can enter the values. See attached.

Many of the canned reports in the Repot manager are toad Reports that use bind vars. Double click on a table report and you should see how this works.



Hi Debbie,

Yes. I have gotten this to work. I was wondering the window that pops up for the user to enter the bind variables, is there some way we can integrate that into the report itself?


No, the report result is not dynamic (You can not have a form where you can enter a value inside the report and then have it update itself).



Thanks Mauritz.

Do you know if I can change the reports text font?


It does appear that the regular Font attribute is not working. However, if you go lower on the pertery window there is an area under styles where you can choose what type of object you want to change the font on and then when you change the font it does so for all of that type. See attached. I changed the font type for all data fields.