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toad runs different queries in background for dba and other users

Hi All,

i can show procedures and packages of different schemas easily with DBA user in toad 12. when other users want to show procedures and packages of different schemas, it takes so long time. ( the users have privileges to show them )

when i check it with Sql Tracker , toad uses different query to show it . and this query takes too long time.

i want to ask that , why toad use different queries for dba users and other users to show procedures and packages with source code ?


any idea ?

The team is out for the US Thanksgiving holiday. Someone should get back to you on Monday.

The query that we run for DBA-type users is faster but requires higher database privileges. For lower privileged users, we have to select from the USER_ views or the ALL_ views. The USER_ views are fast but they only show objects in your own schema. Sometimes the ALL_ views are slower. So yes, Toad is using a different query based on your login and what schema’s objects you want to see. We choose the fastest possible query that your user has privileges to run. I did make some improvements to the query that loads packages for lower privileged users in Toad 12.8. Maybe that will help you.