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Toad Unit Test Setup Questions

The documentation is not very clear on what exactly gets installed when install the utPLSQL Framework via selecting UNIT Testing | Install utPLSQL from within TOAD.

  • Does it install directly into the current schema or can you select the schema it will install into

  • What Privs are required for the installer to complete correctly (I found this on the utPLSQL site, but would be nice if it was included in your docs)

  • What additional features/options are installed (utPLSQL TRIGGERS...)

Lastly, I created a TOAD schema in each of my Oracle Instances to house Objects for Quest Tools like Team Coding and Code Analysis. Can/Should the utPLSQL Framework be installed in that same TOAD schema or should it be installed in it's own dedicated schema? I would prefer to place it in the TOAD schema, but if there are reasons why that is a bad idea, please let me know.

If you are logged in as SYSDBA then you can install into an existing schema or create a new schema to own the framework. If logged in as non-SYSDBA then you can install into your own schema, only.

Since Toad is integrating with a 3rd party framework I'd always refer to the utPLSQL documentation for items like this. Toad does a pretty good job of detecting missing privs though should you try to install and are lacking anything required. I'll look at beefing up the docs to include links to as needed for the original documentation for such items.

Installing into your TOAD schema is fine. You'll need to be logged in as TOAD or as sysdba to perform the installation. If you're logged in as sysdba then the TOAD schema will be granted any privileges required to support the framework.