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Toad for Oracle New Unit Testing Capability Available in Beta

An important part of the Toad for Oracle 13.2 release is a new Unit Testing capability, which is now available for testing in Beta with the Beta released today.

The Unit Testing integrates with utPLSQL to assist users with creating, running, and viewing the results of Unit Tests. utPLSQL is packaged with Toad for Oracle Unit Testing.

If you have never used utPLSQL, it is an open-source testing framework for PL/SQL and SQL, with documentation available here:

To install the Toad for Oracle 13.2 Unit Testing feature:

  1. Download Toad for Oracle 13.2 beta.
  2. Extract the beta ZIP and run the Install.bat packaged within. This will first run the beta MSI to install beta followed by the MSP to patch it to the latest version.
  3. Going forward... you can keep up with updates by running the latest beta's update installer (MSP). We post announcements to the Toad World forum each time a new beta is posted.

We are always interested in feedback from our users... Feel free to post feedback via the forum, or we have also created a survey where you can provide us with your feedback:

We hope you enjoy the new enhancement!

The Toad for Oracle Engineering team