TOAD upgrade question

Hi there,

I have a licensed Toad for DB2 version 5.30 installed on a Windows 7 PC.
I want to update it to the latest version which should be the 7.2 or 3 if I'm right?
I also want to upgrade the PC to Windows 10/11
Now, consider that Toad is running some job by default that was implemented by my predecessor, I honestly don't know anything about Toad and SQL, I just limit myself to check if the job runs smoothly everyday, but for security reasons I should update the version.
I want to underline that if something goes wrong I wont be able to re-configure toad, so I did a backup just in case.
Could you please tell me if the latest Toad version is very different from the 5.30?
And if I upgrade, nothing will happen to the configuration, to the job and the commands?
I won-t have to re-configure anything right?
The job is launched by a task scheduler in windows btw.
And would my license for version 5.3 be valid also for the latest one?