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Toad Uses Wrong Owner for Access Plan Tables


Hello All

I’m using Toad for DB2 z/OS 5.3. I’m a total noob to the DB2 & mainframe world but have background in Oracle, Access, etc.

Problem: When I try to use Explain Plan, I get the dialog “The Access Plan tables need to be installed …”

Background: The access plan tables exist but it appears Toad is using my authid as the owner when in fact I am not the owner. This thread ( suggests that an alias be created for this situation, but that seems like a hammer on a thumbtack. I think something is wrong in my Toad setup, but for the life if me I can’t find out what it is. Have tried online help, Toad World, the web, and good old-fashioned hacking.

Any assistance would be most appreciated.



Hi Paul,

There’s nothing wrong with your Toad setup, it’s simply the way DB2 on z/OS works. The EXPLAIN statement uses your authid to identify which plan tables to use.

You might want to contact your DBA and see if there are already plan tables that you should be using, and he can set up your alias. Or follow the Toad wizard and create your own set of tables.

If you’ve never used this database, and there’s a DBA you can contact, that’s the best place to start.




Thanks Adam.

So I wasn’t nuts. I’ll get out DBA to set an alias up.



  • our DBA