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Explain Plan - Create Explain Tables


I am using Toad for DB2 to connect to UDB DB2 9.1 running on an AIX server. When I try to run explain plan, it is throwing an error saying, “The Access Path Tables needs to be installed”. The tables exists but they are in a schema not attached to me.
Is there a way i can configure toad to use the existing explain plan tables.

Thank you for your suggestions.



Hi Praveen,

You can use plan tables that are not the same schema as your authid by creating aliases for the plan tables you want to use.



Thanks for the response.
I have one more question though. I do not have an schema with the same name as my userid.
Like if my id is praveen, the default schema is not praveen, all developers use a shared schema, like, shareddev.
Toad looks for a plan table in my schema.

Thanks again.


You’ll need to have somenoe with the required authority create the aliases.