Toad v11 - cursor position replaced with count when select

(I’m assuming that this is a v11 change; I’m pretty sure v10.6 didn’t have this particular “feature”…)

In previous versions of toad, I would be able to select some text and then hit tab to indent it, and in the status bar on the left, it would show the row/colum position of where the cursor was. This was jolly useful for working out when you had reached the right point to stop indenting.

However, in v11 (at least, the beta version, when you select text, the cursor position is replaced with what I presume to be a count of the characters in the selection. This makes it difficult to know when to stop indenting, and now I have to deselect the text, check the position and then reselect the text if I’ve indented too far/not far enough. What a pain!

Can we revert back to showing the cursor position, please? Or, at the very least, show both the cursor position and the character count?