Toad v11 - execute snippet at cursor doesn't like /




,what => ‘BEGIN my_proc; END;’

,next_date => to_date(‘13/10/2011 10:48:48’,‘dd/mm/yyyy hh24:mi:ss’)

,interval => ‘trunc(sysdate+1) + 5/24’

,no_parse => FALSE





In Toad v10.6, the following would run quite happily when executed via “Execute SQL snippet at cursor (Ctrl+Enter)”:

X NUMBER;( job => X SYS.DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Job Number is: ’ || to_char(x));

However, when I run the same thing in Toad v11 and execute the snippet, I get the following error:

[Error] Execution (14: 1): ORA-06550: line 14, column 1:
PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol “/” The symbol “/” was ignored.

Was this deliberately changed to not accept the ‘/’ on the end of the pl/sql block? Could it be changed/fixed so that it works with and without the ‘/’ please?

It might be that your proc has no statements and thus confuses things:

, what => ‘BEGIN my_proc; END;’

Should maybe be

, what => ‘BEGIN my_proc; NULL; END;’



If the begin is on line 1 of the editor, it fails with the PLS-00103 error, if it’s on line 2, then it runs without erroring.


ETA: If I highlight the block (including the /) and then execute snippet, it works, even if it starts on line 1.

I doubt it’s that - the code runs fine in v11 if I strip off the /

Having looked into it further, it seems that if I have the block of code starting on line 1 of the editor, it complains about the / whereas if I press return to take the start of it to line 2, it’s fine.

Have reproduced with:


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Fixed for next beta.


Great - thanks!