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Toad Views and Workbook - View not included in TWF file

In doing some testing of the Toad Data Point Workbook and using Toad Views there are issues with sharing my TWF file. It appears while the Toad View was created within the Workbook the Toad View is not included in the TWF file. The advantage of the Workbook for us is the ability to be able share what would be multiple files in TDP Classic as a single file with Workbook. This is very similar to how our old Hyperion system behaved, the ability to share one file from user to user. The sharing is fine as long as I don't use a Toad View as part of my query as the recipient then gets a message the Toad View cannot be found when they open my TWF file.

Is this normal behavior? Or are there plans to integrate the Toad View code into the larger TWF file for easy portability?



You are right that Toad View is not bundled with TWF file right now. If you are using TV which is not created from your another Workflow then you have to create TV again on your next machine.

Right know if you have workflow 1 with exporting Toad View as a Report you can use this TV in other Workflows and it will be recreated every time.

Can you just give me some example how do you use Workbook with Toad View?


When sharing the file all the new user needs to do is use the "Generate Output" action on the TV step. This will generate the Toad View for their use. I ran into this yesterday and it was easily resolved. Once regenerated I did not need to do anything else with future runs of loading of the Workbook.

Thank you Debbie, I will give this a try today and see if it works. I was just testing this with a very basic testing file, nothing too complex. I will post my results when I have them.

Debbie, I have tried your steps and they were successful. If I just clicked past the "cannot find" error for the Toad View and chose to Generate Output it was created and ran as expected. Thanks again.