Toad Workbooks - beginner to intermediate level FAQs

Most of the Toad users that I work with use Toad workbook. Where is the best place to go for Toad Workbook support?

I have never heard of Toad Workbook.

Do you mean Workspace? This is a feature that saves your connections and open windows so that when you close and re-open Toad, it will restore them (or you can save multiple workspaces and switch from one to another)

If that's what you want, it's here

If you really mean Workbook, I'm guessing that you have Toad Data Point or something else other than Toad for Oracle.

I'm guessing the question is around Toad Data Point also, as it does have a workbook "skin".
There are a number of ways to get help regarding TDP (Workbook)...

  • The ultimate support if there's an issue with the product is with our Support team.
    You can generate a support ticket, or call the Quest Support toll-free number.

  • Beyond that, you can post any questions about TDP Workbook to the TDP Users Forum.

  • There are quite a few "quick" videos regarding TDP and TDP workbook here.

  • Finally, if you're on maintenance, you can visit our Support site where you have access to a web-based, self-paced training module for TDP.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Gary. I'll move this thread to the TDP forum and hopefully someone there will jump in.

Thanks Gary, yes I work with TDP. I didn't realize this was the wrong forum. We use an Oracle database connection, that threw me off.

Super, thanks, John.