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Toad with cross database joins


Is it possible to use the Toad build a visual query screen to perform join across databases ?


Hi Paul,

Which database you want to query across? I can provide 2 solutions, please check if these can answer your question.

1.Query across from different SQL Server instance.

You can create linked server(Object Explorer->Server Objects) form Toad for SQL Server.

then query like this Template:

SELECT AS LocalLogins, AS LinkedLogins

FROM master.sys.server_principals AS local

LEFT JOIN [SRVR002\ACCTG].master.sys.server_principals AS linked

ON = ;


2.If you want to query across different database platform, you can download Toad Data Point .It support Xquery from different database platfor.




SQL server. I can use the visual query screen to create a query but I cannot drag on a table from a different database on the same server.


Hi Paul,

Did you means drag the table from different database on the same server in Query Builder? We do support this.

Could you tell me which version you used and give me your reproduce step or more information?I can’t reproduce it. My E-mail Address is

Thanks For your help!