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Toad won't load Vertica Tables Columns for specific db

I'm at my wits end. I have an ODBC connection to Snowflake/Azure SQL and for elements in one of my db's, I easily get the columns. However, in another DB, they will not populate. I've hit F5 and shift F5, changed the caching to on and off (tools, view, odbc), until I've almost worn out the keys. Rebooted, etc. And, it's occurring on 2 different PC's. The db's are large--no doubt--but similar sized db's work. No amount of waiting seems to work (left it connected all weekend).

I was getting some of the columns if I literally walked through each schema one by one--but at some point it hit a table that wouldn't return results and then it would not do any more. I get the "generating columns" message but it doesn't. It just gives an empty column display. I can view the data--but not the columns.

This impacts the ability to use the Build query option. I have this article from a few years ago Vertica tables dropped into Query Builder issue that also describes the symptoms. But, it doesn't work.

Please help.

Glad you posted to let the user community know what's going on. If any one has some work-arounds or alternate work paths, please share.

Just curious, have you narrowed the problem to a specific table that could be triggering the issue? (since on other databases, you're not seeing this problem...)

Lastly, have to ask... have you opened a Support ticket? That is the official way that we can document specifics about the issue, research work-arounds, and track progress on fixes. If not, please open a Support ticket, and in the meantime, hopefully someone can chime in with a few pointers that get past your issue.

Hi Patricia,

I would suggest you open a support ticket o our support engineers ( and developers, if needed) can take a deeper dive into this one. For help working with support - go to Welcome to Quest Support and you can watch the video " Submitting technical service requests on the Quest Support portal - Video 10"