Toad Data Point - switched to Oracle Cloud v19.3

Toad Data Point - switched to Oracle Cloud v19.3 from Oracle ODBC v12.
Some SQL scripts have started returning NO DATA with NO ERRORS that previously worked fine.
Opening Oracle Views from Toad Data Point and using primary or foreign keys to filter stopped working for a given Oracle view, but Not all views. I wish there was some consistency to report here.
I also ran the same SQL script in command line sqlplus, and the same script is definitely finding data, even though none displays in Toad Data Point. I have contacted the Oracle database owner for help, but I am also suspicious of compatibility problems between Toad Data Point (using v6.1 64bit) and Oracle ODBC to Oracle (OCI) v19.3.
Has anyone experienced anything like this?

I'm always suspicious of using ODBC for anything unless that's my only option, but that's just me. If the vendor supplies a "native" communication client to its database, I will always use that. :slight_smile:

When using the native protocol (SQLNet client) from TDP, are you getting the data correctly (for both Oracle 12 and 19)? Just trying to whittle down to where the problem is, and if ODBC is the culprit.

The vendor has turned off access to the Oracle v12 instance, so we have to connect only to the cloud. We also only have read access to the Oracle views, so we cannot even run explain plan or anything like that. Would you suggest we install a local Oracle database; not sure what you mean by "native communication".

I was suggesting to use Oracle's native client to communicate to Oracle, but if it's in the cloud, then you may need to work with the vendor on the preferred connection protocol.

Vendor has told us to work with Quest on any Toad Data Point issues. Have you tested the latest versions against Oracle Cloud? As I mentioned, the connectivity does not seem to be the problem; it is simply Toad Data Point being inconsistent between Oracle views; SQLPLUS uses the same Oracle connectivity that TDP is using as far as I can tell, and SQLPLUS is returning data in places where TDP has chosen to give me zero results. I even tried using the TDP data filters directly and selecting PK or FK fields yield either 0 results or just give the whole entire table back which makes no sense to me at all. I would have pointed the issue at the vendor, but since sqlplus is working, that means there is no problem with the Oracle schema. I was considering trying an older version of TDP, but dont want to waste my time if not necessary.

Then would recommend that you open a support ticket with Quest.