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Toolbar/Menubar Freezes - Free Toad 10.6


I recently downloaded the latest 10.6 Freeware update, and now the entire application freezes whenever I click on the menubar toolbar (the bar with File, Edit, Search…). This is easily replicatable on two different PC’s (Windows 2000 Server). I can click on the toolbar icons without any problems. The application never recovers. I have to use task manager to kill the application.

Anyone else experience this? Is Toad supported on Windows 2000 Server?


Having the same issues with Toad Freeware 10.6 running on windows 2000 server while using remote desktop. The menu bar causes toad to freeze (more or less) I can usually get it to free up after hitting alt-tab twice unless I clicked several times on something after it froze. Seems to exibit the same problems regardless of using the mouse or keyboard.
I am suspecting it has something to do with some new drag and drop feature which I would just as soon turn off anyway.
I have played around with removing the EditorToolbars.ini and Toobars.ini files but didn’t seem to make any difference.
No problems if I use vnc instead of remote desktop, but I don’t get the same screen size with vnc so currently I am just staying away from the menu bar and using rdp.


Thanks for the reply. Yes this is the same issue. I am using Remote Desktop into a Windows 2000 Server computer. Unfortunately VNC is not allowed, so that is not an option. I guess this is the end of the road for Toad. I have really loved using Toad for the past 14 years.


I have Ubuntu LT (home) that connects to Win7 PC (work) using Juniper SSL-VPN
and then RDC. Did same when work was WinXP w/o problem. I do/did see lag in
mouse movements and screen rendering. When running Toad thru RDC I have to
remind myself to slow down or things will get fouled up. I have same mouse and
rendering problems with other programs, some way worse than Toad problems. Putty
(I love putty)may be the one program I use regularly that doesn’t freak
out much. For me most of time Toad is/was workable and way better than drive to
work in middle of night.

I also have home LT and work PC running with minimal graphical
“enhancements” as that seems to make some difference to local
running programs and most like RDC’d ones too. And I am using paid Toad.

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