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Toad 11 Freezes for a loooooong time

I am in the editor executing simple sql selects. And It seems just about to display the results and freezes the entire TOAD Window and everything attached to it. Including the Processing Box is still there , you can see the status bar at the bottom all is frozen on the screen and cannot be touched. You cannot minimize or move the Toad Window. It Now becomes a stuck there… On the task manager it just says not responding

I have noticed if I do a select with a field it works with a generic it Freezes

select emplid from ps_job … It works
select * from ps_job … it freezes

This happened when I first started with Toad ver 10
Now have What is going On

well im facing the same problem with you, and after 1 day try and error, i think i’ve found the main problem. Instead of trying reinstall and reconfigure toad, i try to shut down and exit the antivirus program that running in background. and the problem solved!