Transform and Cleanse Results to Local Storage SNAPSHOT - No Longer a Selectable Option

I just upgraded to TDP Pro 3.6. I have built a query and sent the results to Transform and Cleanse. After applying my Transform and Cleanse options, I am then trying to send the results to a Local Storage SNAPSHOT. In 3.6, the Snapshot option is visible, but NOT selectable. It only allows me to send the data to a Table (New or Previously Existing). I double checked in version 3.5 and sending the Transform and Cleanse data to a SNAPSHOT still works, but not in 3.6. Did something change? Thanks! Richard

To richard.b.haseltine:

Thank you for posting this issue to Toad World.

It appears that I was able to successfully reproduce your issue.

I believe that publishing to snapshot should be allowed. I have created issue ticket QAT-4014 for further investigation. This will take some time, but we will respond to this thread when the investigation has reached it's conclusion.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Software Associate Developer,

-Joshua Liong

Thanks! I use this option of sending Transform and Cleanse data, to a Local Storage Snapshot, quite frequently, so re-enabling this capability would be greatly appreciated! I am grateful for your help in resolving this issue.