Transformation in TOAD

Hello all,

please, how to store a mapping of table in TOAD DM, respectively where transaformation is stored in this tool?

Please, can someone give us some advice?

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We use the TOAD Data Modeler 7.3

Hello Ivana,

What you mean by mapping of table, please? Don't you mean a relationship (by add foreign key to child table)?


Hello Mario,

Mapping is a set of rules and transformations in a form of scripts defining how data will be integrated, respectively transfer from landing zone to integrated zone, after it from integrated zone to reporting zone. In the PwD, there an object of table type has a Mapping part where is possible to define mapping of table, mapping of particular attributes in the table, source tables, script of insert, update, delete, etc. Scripts for development can then be generated.

Please, is this functionality also enabled in the TOAD DM?



I'm afraid TDM doesn't have that functionality. Tables/Entities can be connected via relationships/foreign krys or you can use views to
Join data.

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