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treat blank lines as statement delimiters


in previous versions of TDA you could set this option and then have multiple queries option in the same session, and hitting f9 would run the query you were on. This doesn’t not seem to work TDA 2.0.


I can confirm this behavior.

As a workaround, you can highlight the SQL statement you want to run and hit F9.


Thanks for the reply. True … highlighting the statement and hitting does work, but this is extremely awkward compared to just hitting F9 especially for large statements. Will the issue be fixed in a later release?


Syntax checking does not appear to be honoring the Perform automatic syntax checks option under Editor -> Tools when there’s not a statement delimiter. CR54642 has been created to investigate/address this issue.



This feature was intentionally removed because it worked poorly (It messed with our parser). Just add a ; (At least if you are in Oracle) at the end of your statement and you get what you want in the current release (We will automatically figure out where the statements end).



The semi colon works seems to work like described against Oracle databases, but doen’t work against DB2 databases.


I don’t now Craig about the time line, and we’ll have to wait to hear from the developer to see how this will be treated, but they do already have a beta release for 2.Next available to try out. I checked the release notes and this hasn’t been officially addressed, but you can advocate for it there and get a fix potentially faster than waiting for an official upgrade and/or patch.