trouble adding database connections (running Windows 7 64-bit)

I’ve downloaded Toad for DB2 version 4.6. This was said to be compatible with Windows 7.

I’m trying to add a DB connection. When it tries to create the connection, I keep getting the following error message:

Command Execution fails: unable to route command to DB2 CLP process
Failed to connect to an IPC port: The system cannot find the file specified.

Any ideas on why this would occur? Our company just migrated over from Windows XP. I never saw this type of error in XP.

toad error.docx (33.9 KB)

Can you please provide some more detail about your environment?
Are you running Win 32-bit or 64-bit?
Our 4.6 product supports Windows 7, 32-bit only.
You can download our latest 4.7 version that supports Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit from

If you are running Win 7 32-bit please provide information on the following:
Are you trying to catalog a new database or just connect to an already cataloged database?

Do you have any other DB2 clients installed on your XP machine?
If so what versions are those?
What type of windows authority does the Windows ID have that you are using?
Can you successfully in Toad, use: ‘Tools’ | 'DB2 Command window 'and then try to catalog a db2 database in that window?

  • In that window can you see if you have any databases cataloged via executing:
    list database directory
    Are you using LDAP?
    Can you create and send in a support bundle using Help | Support Bundle.

If you wish, you can email that information directly to me at:


I am having the same problem. I have a Windows 7 64 bit OS, but installed this in the ‘program files (x86)’ dir to handle for 32-bit (I also use sql nav for Oracle and had to do that, so I assumed it would be the same).

I have tried dbvisualizer to connect, but it doesn’t have the functionaility that I am used to with Sql Nav.

I can’t get passed the add a catolog.

I am only trying to connect to a remote database.

Can you provide more details that Jeff in the previous post asked about?

I have found out that there is following solution:

If your trying to setup a connection to a Windows LUW DB, based on the client you have (IBM DB2 v 9.7 for example), you may have to install the appropriate JDBC drivers. Just a thought.

Toad does not use or require JDBC drivers.
However Toad DB2 4.6 does not support Windows 7 64-bit OS Clients.If your Client OS is 64-bit, you will have to download and use Toad DB2 v4.7.You can download a trial Toad DB2 4.7 from: If you purchased Toad DB2, you should also be able to download the commercial Toad DB2 v4.7 product from the quest supportlink site at: