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.TSA output is adding extra Characters


I am having issues with my output when I use the automation script. During automation the output file is adding extra Characters. One specific Example is that if I have a name in the Output like O’Connor the output file is doubling the ’ making the ouput O’'Connor.

How do I prevent this from happening?


It sounds like you are using an automation variable to append to your file name. I think the bind code is trying to add an escape character and that might be why you are getting the double semi-colons.

In the query that you retrieve the names used in appending, try surrounding the value is quotes. This will tell the variable code to leave the string alone. In Oracle you could do something like this.

select ‘"’||customer_name||’"’ from ADDRESS



I am not appending anything to my filename. My .tsa runs my sql file and then exports the data to a text file.

If I run the SQL manually in Oracle and then export it into a text file after it has run I dont get any errors.

I did try your suggestion and ended up with my name output as ‘“Schuberth”’


That is definately odd. I tried exporting to C:\temp\O’Connor.txt and had no problems.

What is your OS?
What version of TDA are you using?
Can you send me your Automation script *.tas and dependant files so I can see what I am missing?



Here you go!

OS: Windows 7

TDA: 2.7
Revenue Results - Daily Adjustments.sql (2 KB)


Here you go!

OS: Windows 7

TDA: 2.7
RevenueResultsUpdate.tas (13.7 KB)


Here you go!

OS: Windows 7

TDA: 2.7
Revenue Results - Daily Payments.sql (1.83 KB)


Thanks for the sample files. I tried on a windows 7 pc but could not reproduce any errors in the file name.

Attached is a script that uses the date time append like you are doing. I have also added an example of generating the date by executing a SQL off of the database and placing in a variable. Then using that in the name.

Take a look and try the other method to see if that might solve the issue.

Also, the next time you run into this issue send me the log file.

Script_MyTest.tas (12.2 KB)