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TDP 4.2.1 string variable in file name, email, email subject surrounded by single quotes

I am testing TDP 4.2.1, and I really thought I had submitted this previously, but I am seeing my string variable surrounded by single quotes. I created variable “today” as To_char(Current_date(), ‘MMMM DD, YYYY’). I then put it in the file name, email body, and email subject. When the script runs, it looks like this:

file: Test Workorder Shortage ‘August 31, 2017’.xlsx

Email subject: Shortage for ‘August 31, 2017’

Email body: Report for ‘August 31, 2017’

Why the single quotes? I am setting off the variable with # surrounding. Is there something else I should be doing?

If I use a sql variable SELECT convert(varchar, GETDATE(),107) it works fine.

We have fixed this in TDP 4.3 and it will be in the next Beta

Thanks Debbie!