Unable to identify Table Structure and Datatypes in PostgreSQL


When connected to Postgres, using the PostgreSQL ANSI(x64) Driver for PostgreSQL 12, PostgresSQL ODBC Driver 9.05 and Toad Data Point (TDP) 4.3 (64 bit), and right-clicking on a table in the Object Explorer:

Selecting " View Details ", and looking at the " Columns " tab, it's empty, the info about the columns is missing, no error messages.
Selecting " Generate SQL | Select Statement | To Editor ", it shows:
-- Toad Data Point can't find columns. The object may be invalid or a type that is not supported.

Please advise.

Thanks !

Wondering if right-clicking in the object explorer and choosing Refresh (or Refresh tool bar button, or from the main menu pull down) will cure this?

In any event, TDP 4.3 is a pretty old version. If possible, please update to the latest version (6.0.x and soon to be 6.1) from Quest's Support site.