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Unable to see GIT project panel while adding VCS project to team project in team coding


I am new to sql navigator and trying to connect it to GitHub.

  1. I can configure the GIT in VCS when there is no active connection to database. (screenshot -1)
  2. When I try to add the team project, it says, it requires active connection. (screenshot -2)
  3. When I try to login as Sys (only this user can install team coding ) and try to add VCS Project to new team project, It shows VSS window login panel (should show git panel). Not sure how to get git login panel over here. (screenshot -3)
    as per https://bradwulf.wordpress.c

om/2016/0igator-team-coding-with-git/ , it should provide panel to select git project. Please revert with help if I am missing anything.

Hi egirdhar,

Did you try to config again in menu->TeamCoding->administrator? or uninstall then install TeamCoding with fresh setting?