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Unable to select VCS project for team project

Hi Team,

We have done the GIT connection using team coding feature in our PROD environment.
But when my team is configuring it and clone the branch and check -out the objects we are facing below error.

Could you please help me in resolving it.This is impacting us as this is happening in production.

Hi Mounika,

I would need a bit more information about how you've configured your repository to be able to help you track this issue down. A few quick questions based on what you wrote:

  • Was this working in your DEV environment and only started failing in your PROD environment?
  • Are you pointing both your DEV and PROD environments to the same local repository folder? If so, you may want to have them pointed to separate local repository folders if they reference two different remote repositories.
  • Have you turned on VCS debug logging, and what errors do you see from the VCS debug log?

Can you give us a bit more information on how you've configured your repository in your environment?



Thanks John !

1.It failed in prod . It is working fine in dev now.
We saw same issue in dev as well but then it worked after creating new local repository folder. Couldn't find out the root cause then and assumed it was one time issue.

2.Created separate local repository folders for both dev and prod.

3.Please find the screenshot

1.Created new folder in local directory
2.Initalised git -git init
3.Cloned the remote repository branch --git clone
4.Connected to vcs through toad and provided the above folder location.

Hey Mounika,

You don't really need to call "git init" before cloning a remote repository. You can simply call "git clone " and git will create it.

Alternatively, you can simply click on the "New" button on Toad's Git login window. On the "Create Repository" window, then just select "Clone an existing repository", enter your repository location and a root working folder for the local repository and click OK.


Toad will clone the repository for you and add it to the login window. I suspect the reason you're probably getting an error is because you're local repository doesn't line up with the remote repository and is causing confusion within the Git database.