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Table.field = table.field relatinship in model


What do I have to do, to see relationship between two tables writen like table1.field1=table2.field1 instead of Relatinship 1?

Thank you,


Hello Helena,

is not possible to set the default name for relationship to "table1.field1=table2.field1" but you can change the default name to "table1=table2" at least. Also key attributes in parent /child entities are highlighted when the cursor is hovered over the particular relationship.

Go to the menu Settings and choose Default values, select the node Relationships, edit (F2) the default value of the row Name and double click on required application variables (e.g. <%ParentTableName%><%ChildTableName%>) on the left form. Apply and restart TDM. When you create new relationship it will have the new name. Note that the name of the relationship is generated during its creation and if you later rename entities the changes are not reflected.



Thank you very much, David!