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Update TOAD pop-up windows all appear off screen.


Good Morning TOAD Team,

I’m hoping it is just my configuration, but the dialog boxes that are for TOAD update are no longer visible. I press , M for Move and then hold the down arrow until the box is on-screen. BTW, I switched to SDI on the bottom of the General list.


Similar experience here, the update ran against the .22 release but would not update to .24 and I could not see any dialogs or confirmations.

I downloaded the patcher at the beta program URL and ran it manually, that worked.


Hey Larry,

I’ve made a change to the default positions for these dialog boxes for tomorrow’s beta. This issue should be fixed when you use tomorrow’s beta to update the beta on Monday. If it isn’t, let me know and we’ll dig a bit deeper.




Good Morning John,

Thank you! Upgrade is working fine now. All the pop-up windows are fully visible.


Good Morning John,

 I spoke too soon.  Some little windows like the add to favorites window still appear off screen.  The work-around <Alt><Space Bar>, M, <Enter> brings the window to the screen.