Checking for update not working after I auto connect

Good afternoon TOAD team,

Took me time to post after realizing this, still all on TOADS 16.3. Checking for update not working consistently, after I auto connect. Has anyone else seen this? Maybe the release came out after I started TOAD, but that seams unlikely.


A few betas ago, I moved the update notification popup from the right-hand side of Toad's status bar to the left. So that's the first thing. Look on the left side.

The other things are/were

  • The icon was missing in one beta, but I think that one is fixed in the current beta.
  • If Toad is maximized, the notification can be off-screen a bit. This is fixed for the next beta.
  • If no "update available" icon is showing, the box that used to be around it now disappears too. I didn't see a point in leaving an empty box there all the time. You can check for updates under the "Help" menu.

I have seen VPN prevent the notification from coming up at all. That's another possibility.

If it's something else, let me know.

Thank you John!

I have not seen the update icon in the status bar for some time, that explains that.

The update icon and space in the status bar are complete gone when no update available. Might be nice to leave the the blank update in status bar, that does a check for update when clicked.


Oh yeah. I also got rid of the box where the icon goes if the icon is not visible. I have been trying to improve the look of Toad lately. One of the ways I've done this is to get rid of useless visual clutter (like unneeded boxes, raised edges, and lines).

If you ever want to manually check for an update, go to Help -> Check for Updates.