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Updating Toad report datasets


We’re using Toad for Data Analysts with an Oracle 9 database for reports. I’m new to Toad and confused by one aspect: after I create a query and then a report using it, I am unable to make changes to the dataset afterward. I can edit the underlying query to add new fields, but those fields never show up as available to the dataset, and I can find no way to force the issue.

I read through Toad’s Help and searched both this forum and the internet in general, but can find nothing documenting this (search for “dataset” in Toad’s Help turned up zero results!). Do I really have to recreate a report from scratch every time I want to add or change a field???

Thanks in advance for any help.


How are you changing the fields? If you use the edit query tool button and execute the query it will send back the new result set with the columns.


I am right-clicking on the report in the Project Manager list and selecting Edit Properties, which pulls up the attached query and lets me make changes. Updating this, however, doesn’t produce a new result set. I’m not sure how I would use the main query editor for this on the report being edited. Are there any step-by-step instructions? Toad’s Help comes up very short here…



See this post for editing the query.