Use of a purchased toad for db2 license key as a toad db2 beta license

I’m new at this forum so,

HELLO everyone,

At work, my company decided to migrate from oracle to db2, so i became from being a experienced oracle dba to be a noob db2 dba and now i must learn db2 very very quickly,.sniff,sniff

By the way, we migrated recently to v10.5, but our commercial version of toad (v.5.5) is not compatible with.

Is it possible to use a toad for db2 + dbadmin license key for commercial version as a license key for toad for db2 BETA v5.6 ?.

I don’t tried yet because im afraid about a secondary installation (into a different directory) for beta version could cause that none of the two toad works. Same 32bit architecture for both toads, of course…

Any thoughts out there?

Thank in advance

The Toad DB2 v5.6 beta has the DBA Admin license enabled so you should be able to install that side by side and use it with your v5.5 commercial Toad DB2.