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TOAD for DB2 z/OS licensing problem

TOAD for DB2 V5.6 is working well.

I just installed TOAD for DB2 z/OS V6.0.0.373 with DB2 Server Client (win32) V10.5

Now, I got SQL Error when I tried to connect

DB2 Database Error

ERROR [42968] [IBM] SQL1598N An attempt to connect to the database server failed because of a licensing problem. SQLSTATE=42968

Anybody has idea?


As Toad for DB2 v6 now requires and uses your own default DB2 client, if you are connecting to DB2 on z/OS you will need a DB2 connect license active in that local DB2 client on your windows machine. Or you can have your DB2 install server level (DB2 z/OS) licensing in the DB2 subsystem on your mainframe.


I have Toad 6.0 Z/OS base and 6.2 Trial version LUW expert installed side by side.

We just purchased a LUW expert license which came in the form of a long text file.

Any idea on how I use this license?

Do I have to install a different version or can I apply this license to the Trial Version?

My guess is that I should save the license as a text file in some directory, but I got no instructions how or where to save the file to.



I managed to log in an d download the full version, so I hope this issue is closed.

It seems your issue is resolved.

However for future use, when you receive a license you can apply that within Toad via Help - Licensing - Add License as shown below: