I have a script which is writing output to the DBMS Output window using dbms_output.put_line and which is shifting the session user using connect user[proxy]/password@connection.

The calls to put_line done before the connect statement show up; any calls after do not. Where are they going? How can I see them?


begin dbms_output.put_line(‘This line shows up’); end;

connect user[proxy]/password@connection;

begin dbms_output.put_line(‘This line is missing’); end;

As far as I remember, only the session that wrote the output can retrieve it at the end. So when you connect to another session, you might need to do your dbms_output.enable stuff again.

Plus, Toad silently does a dbms_output.get_lines call at the end of your script to retrieve the output for the appropriate tab. You might need to call this manually perhaps, in your second session.




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Ah-hah, thank you! I put a call to dbms_output.enable after each connect and that did the trick.