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Using earlier versions of TDM (2.25 specifically). Do I need a license?

It’s pretty much in the subject.
I have to use that version since project was started with it. But what should I do about the license? There is no such version available for sale.
So do i need to buy it anyway or is it legal to use old versions somehow?

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TDM version 2.25 is no longer supported and there is no way to purchase a new license for this version of TDM.

If you have models with *.dm2 suffix, you can load them into TDM version 4 directly. If you need to continue with your project, look into your project folder. You will find there *.dp2 file. This file is your project file, is it in fact XML format file and you can find there infomation about files that belong to your project. Additional files in the project folder have suffix DV2. You can rename them to DM2 and load them into TDM version 4.

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