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Help! Trial Expired and Need My Model!


Hi, my company has a license for version 2.5, but I’ve been using a trial copy of version 3 to create a model. Now my trial has expired, and I can’t get into my data model. I need to convert it back to 2.5, but I can’t get into it.

Can I get another 15 day trial key?



Unfortunately, it is not possible to open files of TDM v. 3 (.txp files) in TDM v.2.

Can I get another 15 day trial key?
Please contact the Quest sales team with this question:

Quick suggestion:
You can download the TDM v.3 Beta now and open the .txp file in it.
In any case, it is not possible to open the .txp file in TDM v. 2. So, if you do not like to purchase TDM v. 3, you can do this:

  • generate DDL script in TDM v. 3 Beta,
  • use a third party software to connect to the db and execute the script there (for Oracle, you can use Toad for Oracle),
  • do reverse engineering to TDM v. 2 -> the model will be created and you can continue using v. 2.

Hope this info helps.




That worked great, thanks! Does the BETA version expire?


Yes, see the Help menu | About Toad Data Modeler | Expires On.

At the moment, we are working on next Beta v.