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Using Parallel activities in Toad Data Point automation

I have a customer that is investigating creating "controller" automation scripts that kick off other automation scripts and they are looking to use the "Parallel" activity in automation to run multiple automation scripts at the same time rather than having them all run sequentially. Is there any other Toad Data Point user that is using the "Parallel" activity in Toad Data Point automation scripts?

Is this the same issue that Debbie commented on in this post? Automation Parrallel Feature

I am not a programmer, but it does not appear Windows Workflow Foundation truly supports parallel processing, but instead presents itself in that way.

Thanks! I think this sheds some light on the topic. Much appreciated!

Any ideas on this one yet? Parallel processing of multiple automation scripts would be great, but no matter how I set it up they seem to run in a serial fashion. Is this a program limitation or is there a known workaround yet?


hi, to parallelize, you have to put them in differents branches (you can add some with right clic)
In each branch, you can create groups of activities. Two groups at same level in each branch are parallelized, Toad wait for execution complete of groups of each branch, at same level to continue on next group of each branch...

We are looking to run multiple automation files in parallel. It appears using these steps each referenced automation run in a serial process, not in parallel. We have tried branching out in the automation and it appears the first branch with automation runs, then the second, etc...

I use parallel activity... don't sure it's faster but it's more readable when creating automation scripts...
To parallelise, i'm using ms scheduler many copies of same scipt on differents instances...