Using Toad projects and automation

Using Toad projects and automation is one of our biggest time savers. If you’ve got questions or want to see how to get started with these, then register for next week’s webcast with one of Toad’s solution architects. This will be a hands on demo of these features - no marketing fluff.

Discover easy ways to take full advantage of Toad when you join Toad solutions architect Devin Gallagher for this educational session.

Devin will show you how to use the Toad Project Manager to easily organize your work area. The window offers a tree structure; every item in the tree is a node that points to a different object. You’ll see how to combine several Oracle and FTP connections into one project to make it easy to upload, download and work with your databases. You’ll also learn how to use sub-project folders to further organize your work.

Devin will also demonstrate simple ways to use the Toad Automation Designer to automate and control processes you regularly perform. He’ll explain how connection information, window settings and queries can be saved, shared, scheduled and run from the command line or batch files to simplify repetitive tasks.


Devin Gallagher is a solutions architect for Dell, with more than 15 years of experience in database development and administration. Devin has worked with Toad since 1999, and he now supports a wide range of Dell Software products, across multiple RDBMSs.

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