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Version Control in Toad for Data Analysts 2.7


I’m having trouble configuring TortoiseSVN with Toad for Data Analysts. I know that we’re a few versions behind and a project is in place for an upgarde but we’re currently stuck with 2.7.

From what I’ve been reading, I’m following the steps per the recommended install doc. Is there something I’m missing? See the attached pdf for screenshots of my installed software, svn config, and attempted toad setup.

I’m getting an error on the last page of the wizard when it attempts to initialize my working folder: Working directory mismatch. Resolved “”, should be “/trunk”

This topic appears to have come up once before on the SQL Server forums:

There were two issues raised here, the first few posts are regarding the same or similar issue. However, the resolution appears to have been migrating from an SVN server to a local client.


Toad SVN Setup.pdf (268 KB)

Hello Jeff,

I am not sure if we will be able help you with correct configuration. This version of Toad is probably older then your SVN version of client/server. Some commands were changed and we getting wrong data from client and from this reason we are not able get correct data to finishing Version Control setup.

I suggest to you try our latest Toad Data Point (Beta) and verify your configuration if working without problem. In latest version we have a new File Version Control which should be much better optimize for more versions of SVN.

I can quickly check your setup little bit closer if you send me version of your SVN (or tortoiseSVN) and server. You can also check output information from client in Tools -> Execution trace.



It looks like I forgot to attach the screenshots I originally intended. My original post has been edited and contains a screenshot of my toad version and setup.