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Versioning Oracle 12c DBs with Toad for Oracle and Team Foundation Server


I need to setup the most suitable combination of newer versions of Toad for Oracle and Team Foundation Server (TFS) that would enable versioning of Oracle 12c databases.

According to documentation, Oracle 12c requires at least Toad 12.0.

On the other hand, the newest Toad for Oracle Suite 2016 (v12.9) is even better regarding Team Coding and apparently requires at least TFS 2013 ( ).

Does anyone have some recent experience with Toad and TFS – aka a combination of versions that actually works in production?

Are there any cases where TFS 2017 is used with any Toad for Oracle version?

I would be very grateful if you could provide me with any relevant info and/or resources.

Thank you in advance,


Hi Ana,

I would recommend using Toad for Oracle 12.9 or later as Team Coding was completely rewritten for this version and will perform much better than previous versions. Toad 12.10 is the current version and has additional enhancements not included in Toad 12.9. We will also soon be releasing Toad for Oracle 12.11, which will include additional Team Coding enhancements over Toad 12.10.

These versions will work with Team Foundation Server 2008-2015. Team Foundation Server 2017 was only released in November 2016, and therefore didn’t exist for Toad 12.9 or Toad 12.10, so we can’t guarantee it will work; however, Microsoft hasn’t changed much in the later versions of TFS where its API is concerned, so it still might.

A good combination for use would be Toad for Oracle 12.10 and Team Foundation Server 2015. Then, if you’re on maintenance once Toad 12.11 is released, you should be able to upgrade to Toad 12.11 without any problems to get the new enhancements and fixes released in that version.