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View Detail on Crosstab View is Slow

I have a report that takes a couple minutes to show detail when I click on the ‘View Detail’ option from a Crosstab View. Is there anything that can be done to speed it up?

My data set has 72,000 records, but I have filtered it down to just one week with 1,043 records. I have 4 dimension fields on the left, 1 dimension field on top, and 1 measure field. It seems to take about the same amount of time when I try to view detail on a number that is tied to 1 field or several. One of the dimensions on the left is a roll-up, the one on top is a date (year, quarter, month, day), and the measure field is a calculated sum. I have ‘Row summary’ and ‘Column summary’ turned on and ‘Grand Total’ turned off.

Can you post a full screenshot of the window you are using. I am uncertain if you are using pivot grid, dimensional viewer or cross-tab from Toad Data Point Viewer.

Here is a screen shot. This isn't data that I can share, so I have masked the row labels.

Thanks. That is the Toad Data Point Viewer which is a free tool that goes with TDP. We don’t usually do many enhancements to that application. How many rows where in the dataset that is used in the cross-tab? And what was the datasource? (TIC Local Storage?)