Visual Studio like bookmark navigation

Are the any plans to change the bookmark behaviour to be like VIsual Studio ? In Visual Studio,you can set an unlimited amount of bookmarks and navigate them using ‘Go to Next Bookmark’ and 'Go to Previous. This makes navigating your code very convenient because I don’t have to remember for what place I defined a bookmark.

The edit control actually does that by default. However, Toad has always used 0…9 navigation for two reasons. First, the old edit control supported that method. Second, that’s what our dev IDE uses. When the edit control was updated to Scintilla few years back I had to implement custom bookmark handling to restore the legacy Toad behavior. There are no plans to implement Visual Studio style, it really hasn’t been requested before now to my knowledge.

As a side note, how can you prefer that method! The unlimited could be useful, but navigation is horrific. When I have to fire up Visual Studio not being able to jump to a specific bookmark is the worst IMO. Cycling through only to pass the one I want… CTRL+K, CTRL+K, CTRL+K, CTRL+K, … crap. CTRL+K, CTRL+K, CTRL+K.