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[Toad Editor] Bug: "Next/Previous Navigator Node" keyboard navigation broken

Last known working version:

Broken since: 12.8 beta, 12.8 release, 12.9 beta+ (as of

Reproducible: Always


It is not possible to navigate code within the Toad Editor using the keyboard-only “Next Navigator Node” and “Previous Navigator Node” commands (Ctrl-PgDn & Ctrl-PgUp, respectively, default key bindings).

Expected behavior:

When navigating a script within the Editor window tab, using the Ctrl-PgUp or Ctrl-PgDn keyboard shortcuts should navigate to the “previous” or “next” node respectively in the Navigator on the left, repositioning the Editor text cursor before the text corresponding to that node.

Observed behavior:

When using the Ctrl-PgDn or Ctrl-PgUp keyboard shortcuts, only the prior or following node is highlighted in the Navigator panel, but the text cursor does not move at all (“goes nowhere, does nothing”). It is now impossible to navigate with the keyboard with these commands. Clicking with the mouse works unconditionally, but also requires re-focussing the text pane after navigation.

Workaround: None, or: use the mouse (aggggh…)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open any script that displays multiple “nodes” in the left-hand Navigator panel.
  2. Place the text cursor anywhere within the script, noting that the Navigator node highlights the logical position within the script; the exact text cursor position is not important.
  3. Press either Ctrl-PgDn or Ctrl-PgUp to attempt to navigate to the “next” or “previous” node in the script.
  4. Only the immediately prior or following node will be highlighted in the Navigator panel (depending on shortcut used), but the text cursor does NOT move within the editor to the corresponding position [FAIL].