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Welcome to the Toad for DB2 community. This full-featured community offers a modern interface with differentiated forums, download areas, user participation points, beta programs, and much more. This is your community. Ask questions, post answers and learn about Toad for DB2 from our Quest experts and other users like you. Toad DB2 product developers, QA, and product management will participate and contribute news and ideas about Toad for DB2 on this forum. If you’re a member of the Yahoo Groups, your posts will be replicated here and you will receive any messages posted to the DB2 General Discussion or Beta forums. And if you’re new to the community, sign in and revisit the Discussion forum to set a watch and receive notification on your favorite topics that you can reply to from your own inbox. Make this community your one-stop-shop for Toad for DB2 knowledge. Welcome! Glad to have you onboard.