Welcome to the Toad for Oracle v12 Beta program

New Now you can participate in beta discussions directly within the Toad 12 Beta release.
You need a single sign-on (SSO) account* and registration is easy.
Via the Toad Help menu, go to:

  • Help | As Question or
  • Help | Start Discussion, or
  • Help | Browse Forums
    Login or register

Once registered, participate through email: toadoraclebeta@beta.toadworld.com.

Interact with new and expert Toad users and with the Development team as we work together to help Toad help you.

  • If you already have a Quest.com account, just log in.

This is great!

Love the new look!!

I see where I set up by private and public email address, bvut where do I subscribe to the news feeds? It says I have no subscriptions.

Thanks Lars

Hi Chris,

To subscribe to a news feed, browse to beta.toadworld.com/login.aspx, login with your Toad World account, and navigate to the forum you want to subscribe to (for Toad 12 beta, this is the direct link: beta.toadworld.com/products/toad-for-oracle/toad_for_oracle_beta_program/f/86.aspx). To subscribe/unsubscribe, click on the “Email Subscribe to Forum” link in the right column.