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Steve Hilker
Toad World Admin

Hi There,

Just wonder has anyone successfully tried the “Project Lucy” in Toad for SQL Server? I have installed the latest Toad for SQL 6.1 (via Tools->Quest Tools->Project Lucy - Performance Analysis). I have registered in www.projectlucy.com and have the token required but on Toad for SQL 5.8, it keeps complaining the remote name http:/www.projectlucy.com could not be resolved. Then with Toad for SQL 6.1, on the Project Lucy menu, even I specify “Collect & Upload Now”, it kick off another window which ask you to “Select Servers for which to Collect and Upload Data”, then I pick the test server to upload but then there is no other button to apply or to ok or to confirm. Nothing happen.

I raised a helpdesk call to support on this and they thought I would need to install spotlight on the server. But I am using the Toad option for it.

Can someone please shed some light on this?

Thanks & regards,


Hi Irene,

I am responsible for Toad SQL Server development. You did the right thing raising a support case - I will follow up with Support and the dev team and see what the best option is.

Project Lucy recently was rebranded Spotlight Essentials and though we tested the various integrations it is possible that some issues fell through the cracks.

We are working on greatly improving the integration between Toad and Spotlight Essentials for the next release of Toad.