What is step one?

I am the proud owner of Toad Data Modeler 4.1 and need to quickly learn how to use it. Where should I begin? Are there videos for beginners?


Welcome on board!

A couple of basic videos are in the Library at http://modeling.inside.quest.com/kbcategory.jspa?resultOffset=45&categoryID=158 marked Getting Started . There are many more videos in the Product Videos section of the Library.
And I would also recommend to have a look in the Best Practices section, which may clarify some logic and concept of Toad Data Modeler.
For further details go to the User Guide and, moreover, you can ask any questions here.

If you are missing any features in Toad Data Modeler, you can register them in the Idea Pond and vote for them, and for other registered ideas, so as to push them up in priority for implementation.

Enjoy working in Toad Data Modeler!

Lukas & Toad Data Modeler Team