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When creating a stored procedure, in the script that compiles, the following lines are inserted in the code: specific sql160219121043629 language sqlnot deterministic external action modifies sql data called on null input inherit special registers - why

From IBM Documentation:

SPECIFIC specific-name
Provides a unique name for the instance of the procedure that is being defined. This specific name can be used when altering, dropping, or commenting on the procedure. It can never be used to invoke the procedure. The unqualified form of specific-name is an SQL identifier. The qualified form is a schema-name followed by a period and an SQL identifier. The name, including the implicit or explicit qualifier, must not identify another procedure instance that exists at the application server; otherwise an error (SQLSTATE 42710) is raised.
The specific-name can be the same as an existing procedure-name.

If no qualifier is specified, the qualifier that was used for procedure-name is used. If a qualifier is specified, it must be the same as the explicit or implicit qualifier for procedure-name, or an error (SQLSTATE 42882) is raised.

If specific-name is not specified, a unique name is generated by the database manager. The unique name is ‘SQL’ followed by a character timestamp: ‘SQLyymmddhhmmssxxx’.

This clause is used to specify that the procedure body is written in the SQL language.
This clause specifies whether the procedure always returns the same results for given argument values (DETERMINISTIC) or whether the procedure depends on some state values that affect the results (NOT DETERMINISTIC). That is, a DETERMINISTIC procedure must always return the same result from successive invocations with identical inputs.
This clause currently does not impact processing of the procedure.

Basically all of those options you have listed are either the default or are required for the stored procedure. Toad is simply adding them for you when you create the stored procedure.

Eric Sheridan