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bug: procedure


Bug report:

Create a stored procedure using the toad execution statement, if the last parameter has an empty string default and a multi line comment command is created, the default value and comment will be lost.

For example:

step1: Execute the following statement in toad,

create PROCEDURE [dbo].[proc_errortest]
@xx varchar(1)=’’ /the default value will be lost, and the comment will be lost/
select 1

step2:review the definition of the procedure proc_errortest, the result is:

create PROCEDURE [dbo].[proc_errortest]
@xx varchar(1)
select 1


Hi weiwsy,

I try to execute your execution statement in the last beta of TOAD SS and the problem/bug is present too.

Best regards,



When will fix this bug?


Hi, Sergio

Thank you for your reply, are you the official staff?

do you know when an official can do to fix this problem


Hi Weiwsy,

nothing. I’m not member of the official staff.

I don’t know if and when toad’s developers think to solved the problem.

Kelly or Cathy, can you reply to Weiwsy about this problem ?

Best regards,




I put this issue in our fixed plan(TSS-1222). We will try to fix soon.